The Sally’s Lambs® program is an outreach of The Radiance Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Virginia Beach, VA.  It is inspired by Sally DeAngelo and her boundless love and dedication to people – especially those in need. In 2003, Sally passed away after battling brain cancer for three years. Even through the most challenging years of her life she inspired others with her love for humanity, her faith in God, and her unfaltering ability to think of others before herself.

Although Sally gave of herself to her family and anyone who needed her support, she had a special place in her heart for women facing unplanned pregnancies. In 1966, while still in high school, Sally found herself pregnant. Knowing that she was not in a position to give her child the life she wanted to, she placed her son for adoption. This decision, although difficult, was one Sally always knew was best.

In 1996, after marrying and having 4 more children (1 daughter and 3 sons), she was reunited with her birth son. Words could not describe her delight when she saw him and discovered that a wonderful family had adopted him. He was living a full and happy life with a beautiful family of his own.

Throughout her adult life, Sally spent countless hours at Pregnancy Care Centers offering hope and encouragement to the women there. She and her husband often brought unwed mothers into their home and supported them during their pregnancies.

Sally always loved lambs and treasured the peace found in a picture of a lamb being held safely and securely by its shepherd. In September 2001 she journalled: “I am grateful that I was found by my Shepherd, and that He watches over me…”

Joy DeAngelo Bowman, Sally’s only daughter and Board member of The Radiance Foundation, is dedicated to continuing her legacy.  She and Bethany Bomberger, Executive Director of The Radiance Foundation, desire to bring hope and peace into the lives of those that Sally would still be embracing today.